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Eastern Academy of Management 2019

EAM 2019 Proceedings

"I don't believe I have any special privilege:" A Two-Part Exercise to Reduce Student Resistance to the Concept of White Privilege
Laurel Goulet, Paul Szwed

A Seat at the Table: Venture Capital and Technology Spillovers
Roberto Santos

A Study of the Effectiveness of Using Team-Based Learning in Management Classes
Jane Parent, Allison Seitchik, Kathi Lovelace, Christina Hardway

Acceptance of the Importance of CSR to Organization Effectiveness: The Impact of Cognitive Processes
Karen Strandholm, Michele Yoder, Michael VanHemert

Active Non-Employee Owners: Informal Impact on Family-Owned SMEs
Alexandra Galli-Debicella

An Examination of Bankers' Fees in Acquisition Transactions
Patrizia Porrini

Barnes & Noble: Closing the Book or Starting a New Chapter?
Michael Lewis

Best Practices for Kick-Starting Economies: A Comparison of University, Private, and Publicly Funded Business Incubators
Jan Baum, Douglas Sanford, Matthew Lowinger, David Brannon, David Fink

Clinical Workflow Re-engineering
Zaiyong Tang, Saverio Manago

Communication Apprehension: The Silent Destroyer of Engagement and Communication Inside and Outside the Classroom
Joy Jones

Defining and Managing Conflict: Is it really about the dishes?
Joy Jones

Digital Natives: Universally defined by Technology?
Christian Geyer, Torsten Klein, Jane Parent, Theodore Peters, Pinki Srivastava, Pauline Stamp

Experiential Team Building Exercise for On-Line Students Using a Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Jane Bokunewicz

Extending the Power of the Quiz for Active Learning: Let Them Write it, Give it, Grade it and Take it!
Linda Forbes

Freelancers: A manager’s perspective on the phenomenon
Yair Zadik, Liad Bareket-Bojmel, Or Shkoler, Aharon Tziner

From Lost Art to Living Abilities: Business Communication Basics
C. Melissa Fender, Theodore Peters, Lisa Stickney

Gault & Millau: Renaissance and Transfortion in French Gastronimia
Loïc Ernest, Edgar BELLOW

How Cognitive Moral development influences the Opportunity Recognition process and Performance of Social Entrepreneurs
Olugbenga Adeyinka, Robert . P Singh, Susan D. Baker

How does Work Motivation Impact Employees’ Investment at Work and their Job Engagement? A Moderated-Moderation perspective through an International Lens
Or Shkoler, Takuma Kimura

Innovating the Internship Experience for Business Education Programs
Noel Criscione-Naylor, Tara Marsh, Dayna DeFiore

Integrating Dynamic Capabilities and Industry Structure
Raza Mir, Babita Srivastava

Learning Outcomes in Capstone Business Simulation: Comparing On-ground and Online Instructional Formats
Jeffrey Alstete, Nicholas Beutell

Managerial Responses to Performance Downturns: Linguistic Deception as Impression Management
Rajiv Nag, Jonghyuk Bae, Donghwi Seo, Murugan Anandarajan

Mr. Chocolate and the Effectual Entrepreneur: A Life Cycle Story
Pauline Assenza

Negotiating for the Minimum
Patrizia Porrini, David Jalajas

No Pain, No Gain! Unraveling the Roles of Technological Depth and Breadth on the Financial Capital a Biotech Firm Raises from a Big Pharma Partner
Mohammad Saleh Farazi, Shanthi Gopalakrishnan, Ali Samei, Mike Santoro

Organization Alumni Endorsement of their Former Employer: “I like you. Do you (still) like me?”
David A. Greenway

Professional Development Workshop: Women in Leadership
Noel Criscione-Naylor, Joy Jones, Jane Bokunewicz, Robin Frkal, Esther Lawrence

Resilience and Perseverance Under Uncertainty in Entrepreneurial Environments: Leadership issues faced when scaling new ventures or reconfiguring in the face of disruption
Pauline Assenza, Kevin Burnard

Risky Business: 84 Lumber and the Housing Bust of 2008
Edwina Haring

School to Work: The Interplay of Career Guidance, Conscientiousness, and Autonomous Motivation
Serwaa Karikari

Studying Consumer Ethnocentrism as a Factor for Depressed Rates of Black Entrepreneurship
Michael N. Ogbolu, Robert P. Singh

The Deer and The Bubble Tea: A Case Study of The Alley
Amy Wang

The Dilemma of Last Resort Hotel – A Case Study
June Clarke, Julaine Rigg, Cynthia Mayo

The Effect of Venture Capital Backing on Companies’ Subsequent Lobbying Efforts
Ekin Alakent, Mine Ozer, Sinan Goktan

The Effects of Venture Capital Investments on Industrial Innovative Opportunities and Technological Arbitrage Opportunities
Fangqing Wei, Yi Yang, Yao Chen, Feng Yang

The Impact on Dual Directors on Value Creation in Spinoffs
Eugene See

The Technology Adoption Life Cycle: Model Building
Hung Chu

The Transformation of Mentoring Relationships in Academe: An Examination of Cross-Sex and Cross-Race Dyads
Catrina Palmer

Using Experiential Learning to Discover Gender and Diversity Bias in HR practices
Noel Criscione-Naylor, Robin Frkal

Using Our Superpowers to Save the World: Introducing the UN Sustainable Development Goals to Management Students
Steven Meisel, Dilip Mirchandani

We are the Champions: Championing Change Among Community Policing Officers
Hina Kalyal, Mirit K. Grabarski, Stephen D. Mastrofski

What Drives Corporations to Engage? A look at Partnerships through the Lens of Resource Dependence Theory
Derek Offer

When is Corporate Reputation Related to CEO Compensation?
Joel Rudin, Jooh Lee

Who are Boundary Spanning Leaders?
Holly Butler

Will the Internet of People, Things and Services (IoPTS) be Too Much of a Good Thing for Sustainable Career Management?
Veronica M. Godshalk

Work Motivation Theories in Practice: An Experiential Exercise
Vicki Taylor


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