Accreditation Consulting Modules

1. Kickstarting Your Strategic Plan

It is easy to talk in generalities about what a strategic plan is and the process to follow to create one.  It is harder to get a draft down on paper.  In this session, participants will identify what makes their college distinctive, and engage in an exercise that will allow for identification of key pillars in the school’s strategic plan.  A draft format of the strategic plan, to outline goals, objectives, tactics, measures of success will be presented to allow for the school to continue seamlessly into writing the full plan.  This session is most effective if some SWOT data is available prior to beginning.

2. Drafting Your Mission, Vision, and Values

This session will introduce participants to the differences between mission, vision, and values statement.  Participants will engage in an open brainstorming activity that will lead to draft mission, vision, and values statements.

3. Faculty Qualifications

Participants will be exposed to the faculty qualification requirements in the AACSB 2020 Standards.  The AACSB Standards will be explained.  Monitoring and reporting processes will be discussed.  Motivation mechanisms and working through hard cases will be a focus of the session in a series of mini-case studies.

4. Strategic Societal Impact: Finding Your Focus

Finding a focus area for societal impact that resonates with stakeholders and aligns with the mission of the college is essential.  This session will guide participants through an exercise and discussion that helps the school find a focus area.  A broad list of possible types of curricular, scholarly, and other activities that can be pursued in that area will be created as part of the session.  Data will be collected prior to the session to guide the discussion.

5. Strategic Societal Impact: Writing a Micro Plan

Societal Impact efforts must be strategic and mission driven.  This session will assist schools in going beyond a list of current activities with impact, to strategically defining goals and measurable objectives that will increase the positive reaches of a school’s efforts.  Explicit connections will be made to the school’s existing strategic plan.

6. Making Your Strategic Plan Work for You: How to Be Agile

Does your school use the strategic plan to maximize results? Are you able to pivot mid-stream if no progress is evident? Participants in this session will discuss the current processes used to implement an existing strategic plan and how the school can transform to become more agile and effective in goal achievement.

7. Preparing for Your AACSB Review: Continuous Improvement Review

This session will walk Deans and/or leadership teams through the preparation for an on-campus Peer Review Team Visit.

8. Preparing for Your AACSB Review: Initial Accreditation Review

This session will walk new Deans and/or new leadership teams through the preparation for an on-campus Peer Review Team Visit.